Wiring feature list

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Engineering solution has many features which makes it easy to create wiring with accuracy in less time. 
1. The drawing number for schemes is automatically allocated by the solution.
2. User can change the auto generated drawing numbers at any point of time.
3. Solution provides the provision to copy the scheme from same/other projects.
4. On copy command, solution automatically copies the BOQ of the destination feeder.
5. In such cases, solution has option to change the mapping of copied component.
6. User can copy the scheme form library project and then change the mapping of components used in scheme as per desired rating/requirement.
7. After copying the scheme, a small modification in BOQ mapping can save a lot of time as at the same time, Scheme, BOQ and SLD are being generated by the Solution.
8. Like Scheme copy, solution allows to give a common drawing reference to multiple feeders, which helps user to get a common scheme against multiple feeders.
9. Referencing of multiple feeders to common feeder also give provision to copy the BOQ of source feeder, which can be modified/changed as per requirement.
10. Solution has provision to import the Wiring blocks from CAD package.
11. User can re-configure the Block and Equipment data along with its SLD blocks.
12. Solution takes the same configuration reference to generate the SLD automatically.
13. Configured components are shown at mapping screens against block placed in the scheme.
14. Auto designation feature is available to suggest designation in scheme.
16. Reminders to add accessories can be used against block while mapping.
17. Auto generation of wire numbers as per Configuration done at Ferrule configuration screen.
18. Blocks creation can be done with all the intelligence to auto connect to control line, to suggest the aux contacts, coils, auto cross reference details, auto CLT generation.
19. Terminals are possible to place on consecutive clicks at desired location with auto terminal numbering.
20. Auto CLT generation is possible in scheme with from/Source and to/Destination detail.
21. Options are available to Show auto joints in scheme on single click.
22. User can even create the scheme on manual mode( solution will not connects blocks automatically)
23. Contacts and equipment area is segregated at wiring interface, where all used details will be hidden automatically.
24. Inter-panel between multiple feeders can be created at Inter-panel interface screen by clicking the source and destination terminals of 2 different feeders.
25. Whenever the components are deleted at wiring, the same gets deleted/ removed automatically at all other pages like- BOQ/SLD/DOOR.
26. Revision marking and update at various reports are fully automated.
27. Auto marshalling or looping chart generation in wiring.
28. Generated drawings can be exported to CAD.
29. Marshalling drawings can be exported to EXCEL to do the additional modification if required.
Benefits of Engineering solution
1. Engineering process becomes system dependent and not totally person dependent.
2. To a greater extent, the quality is controlled by system.
3. Drawing quality improvement due to negligible drafting errors, ease of drawing reading, standardized formats.
4. Creation of knowledge bank as the database gets built.
5. Automation of time consuming manual activities.
6. Database of frequently used switchgear components and their symbols gets created
7. Built-in intelligence helps avoid illogical errors.
8. Apart from the above intangible benefits, there are tangible benefits in the form of lead time reduction, resulting in reduction in amendments due to engineering errors


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