Benefits of using our Software

Benefits of using our Solutions Apart from tangible benefits mentioned below which helps in producing fast, efficient and accurate output, our solutions have certain organizational level benefits, which help organization to grow fast and profitably. Totally system dependent Estimation and Engineering process and not person dependent.  Knowledge created in the organization remains within organization, irrespective of the persons involved, thus crates organizations knowledge bank. Lower skill persons can give output very close to perfection as they can utilize the knowledge bank build by the organization over the years. It helps in automatically working with well defined system thus; quality is controlled by system and not individuals. It helps in standardization in tailor made operations / products thus making production fast and mechanized to the extent possible. Once the process is set, it is always possible to work on continuous improvement and cost reduction. It has bee

Wiring feature list

Iconic Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd.   Engineering solution has many features which makes it easy to create wiring with accuracy in less time.  1. The drawing number for schemes is automatically allocated by the solution. 2. User can change the auto generated drawing numbers at any point of time. 3. Solution provides the provision to copy the scheme from same/other projects. 4. On copy command, solution automatically copies the BOQ of the destination feeder. 5. In such cases, solution has option to change the mapping of copied component. 6. User can copy the scheme form library project and then change the mapping of components used in scheme as per desired rating/requirement. 7. After copying the scheme, a small modification in BOQ mapping can save a lot of time as at the same time, Scheme, BOQ and SLD are being generated by the Solution. 8. Like Scheme copy, solution allows to give a common drawing reference to multiple feeders, which helps

Simplifi-ED™ .LV Engineering

Iconic Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd.   Complete Solution for LV Switchboards Engineering Preparing / drafting an engineering drawing manually in any CAD package can be tedious and a complicated task, requiring a lot of patience, accuracy & efforts. Simplifi-ED™ .LV Engineering Solution simplifies this task tremendously! It is designed to process inputs as an independent solution or output from Estimation Solution. Circuit diagrams need to be created in the solution's CAD environment (samples available for editing) and the components mapped with their details, after which, all other required documents can be generated in CAD & Excel format as per the requirement. OUTPUT from Engineering solution 1. Record of Drawings – Automatic 2. Technical Details – Semi-automatic 3. Front View along with Panel Fixing Plan – Automatic 4. Wiring / Scheme Drawings with Terminal Diagram – Semi-automatic 5. Single line diagram – Automatic 6. Bill of materials and Master Bill

Simplifi-ED™ .LV Estimation

  Simplifi-ED™.LV Estimation Software The estimation solution is a menu driven user friendly IT based intelligent software, which helps user to create accurate offers with minimum efforts in the most efficient manner. Simplifi-ED.LV comes with sample feeder configurations along with their compartment height, bus bar selection charts and user configurable panel executions & dimensions. Extensive switchgear database is provided with Simplifi-ED. Just provide the list of feeders, their configuration & feeder height as input tender purpose front view and costing in ready in few minutes. Features / Advantages of Simplifi-ED™.LV Estimation Solution: Database for Estimation 1. Estimation Solution is provided with almost all switchgear components available in India with updated price list. 2. On pricelist revision, updation of pricelist is done by Iconic.* 3. For price of non-listed item, user friendly interface for data entry is provided with solution for user. 4. In c